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The Guide to Shangri-la interpretation in Weird Tales Magazine.

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Way to Shagri-la










Guide to Shangri-la



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Pale Fallen Angel

Hideyuki Kikuchi
"I am the Guide. We shall require two children below the age of twelve."
GuidePale Fallen Angel|[src]]]

A Figure who suddenly appears in response to an ancient ritual and requires the lives of two children under twelve before he will agree to lead the one who summoned him to the paradise of Shangri-la.


Cutting the children's  ears with  the machete he keeps hidden, the Guide can tell from the taste of the blood on his blade if they're under twelve. If someone breaks their agreement with the Guide, both sacrificial victims and the one who summoned him will be cursed to eternal suffering, as the pain the Guide inflicts never fades. If the Guide joins with a Noble, The Noble's power might become twice as great or even five times as great. In the past, this has been achieved a number of times, but in one case the psyche of the Noble was overwhelmed by that of the Guide. The Noble destroyed more three villages and killed more than two thousand people. In order to stand against Baron Byron Balazs when he takes on the Destroyer Lord Vlad joins with the Guide.


The Guide has a gray hood completely covering his head, and the rest of his body is garbed in a robe of the same hue. The cord tied about his waist serves as the sole accent to his wardrobe. Tucked in his rob is a roll of paper or parchment covered with patterns that appear to be part of a map.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

"I intend to bring Lady Miska with me and transfer the Destroyer on my own. At the Very least, l’ll slay Vlad. Or battle him on equal terms. This is my fight. Once again, I ask that you stay out of this, D.

"Even the Destroyer was powerless before the Guide."

DPale Fallen Angel|[src]]]

Curse- pain inflicted by the Guide never fades

Physical Stats of  a Greater Noble - The Guide is immortal and has seemingly had dealings with the Nobility and other supernatural beings since before humanity. He has performed the joining many times and may resurrect at will. D's destruction of him may be permanent though. He shows to have power that rivals Lord Vlad and is thought to be just as powerful as the destroyer joining with another Noble. This would make his power at the universal level in destruction ability.

Destructive Capacity:: Unknown+ Its power has been stated to be equivalent or stronger than the Destroyer.



Transportation- Means to reach Shangri-la

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