"Haven't seen one like you in a dog's age. So, you're a Half-Awake? So you're the fly in Gilzen's ointment?"
Left HandWhite Devil Mountain|[src]]]

The term is used to describe a condition dependent on innate and unique psychiatric make up. With out exception, all Victims of the Nobility and other thralls in various states such as Half-Humans, Pseudo-Nobles, full Vampires, Cesare etc. took on a subordinate role to the Noble maker at first. They'd fall under the Nobles mental control. But even if that happened in ninety-nine point nine into the infinity percent cases, it would never remain true one hundred percent of the time. For every rule was subject to the same phenomenon--it always had exceptions. In this case, it was victims who, though serving the Nobility, perfectly retained their former characters. While fully transformed or partially physically in what ever varying state, the also had very real animosity toward Nobles that kept the victims from being completely "at rest"(or fully under mental command)--which is why they called the mental resilient and unaffected the Half-Awake.

Lilia has this ability and is unaffected by the mental domination and thrall nature of having the Kiss of Nobility placed on her by Gilzen no matter what state of transformation she is in. He can use normal mental domination on her such as mind control it seems though. She is fairly resistant to this as well though.

D has the ability to override this though. Those he bites seem to come over a completely different class of mental domination and thrall like state.

The Sacred Ancestor has this ability as well. Those of his bloodline may also have this ability but it has not yet been proven.

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