"We are prepared to die. Even if ours is an artificial life, that doesn't mean we don't fear death. And when our colleagues are slain, we feel sadness too. Yet we were told we were born to die before we were sent to serve you sir...But you wouldn't let anyone die. With just ten men you made a tactical strike against Lord Valcua to decide the battle---and that is something only a born commander can do."
Homunculus Soldier Combat Division Z[src]

Like other homunculi they are artificial lifeforms. They are alive and they feel pain. The difference being they are not mindless, and are sentient caring individuals that serve their master faithfully. Valcua seems to have an almost endless army of them prepared to be ready for action at a moments notice. The army is highly skilled in all forms of warfare many of which skills Valcua himself is unaware of such as highly skilled engineers who can scavenge enemy materials from the battlefield and make them into something totally different or not even thought of. One of the reason he wouldn't know though is this skill is not usually of use to him with them being by in far the most technologically equipped over a wide range of weaponry, including laser guns, particle disruptor, dimensional tanks, asteroid missiles, force shields,etc. They carry also titles and respect that goes along with being in the army such as General Clemens, commander of combat Division Z under Grand Duke Valcua. They are immortal  lasting but can be killed and injured to the point of death. As they are true patriot they will give their lives for a cause and act more valiantly to that end when they recognize one like those of strong moral values. Surprising given Valcua's reputation and evidence that he was not always as ruthless as he turned out which is revealed later in the story.

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