Lord Johann
General information
Also known as

The Trail Magician




Original Body

Height:Over 6 Feet



Clothes:Black Tuxedo





Over 3,000


Western Frontier


Seven Assassins
Vampire Hunter


Lord Vlad Balazs



Powers and Abilities

First Appearance

Pale Fallen Angel

Hideyuki Kikuchi
Lord Johann, The Trail Magician is one of the seven assassins vampire hunters Lord Vlad hires. He performs acts of legerdemain not to be seen in any town or village not even the Capital.


A tall elderly man in a black tuxedo jacket and a silk hat, he has red jewels on his bow tie, and a beard that flows all the way down his chest. When resurrected by the Quantum Transformer he looks the same he did in life, but now is covered head to toe along with his clothes in a Black Iron like form. 


The price of admission is one thin dant. Taki works as his assistant. Later after a performance he uses a model of a biplane to fake a crash that lures the acrobat Hugh near enough to abduct him. Uses him to bring D out to have a one on one, he uses mirrors to attack D with sunlight, but loses an eye to D's counter attack after he resists his assault. He's badly injured when OSB ground sweepers shoot down his flying machine, and D finishes him off by splitting his head in two with a sword strike. The fight is renewed when an OSB device for making warriors  to use against the Nobility resurrect him three hours later. He looks the same as he did before in life, but now he's made out of black iron from head to toe. Baron Byron Balazs defense cylinder hits him with a particle beam, but he doesn't sustain any damage. Using glowing spheres they cast iridescent light bands eddying with in them, and one of these spheres can create a hole thirty feet across, breaking the material there down to it's constitute atoms. The bands stretch out to strike them. Possessed by the Destroyer Miska strikes out trapping him in a bubble of water that drives him insane. The phlegm  the enhanced Lord Johann spits  turns into manufactured natural sunlight, but D controls the device to create manufactured natural darkness to contain it. He splits Lord Johann's head and lops his head off to kill him for the final time.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Magic Tricks- Lord Johann has a wide range of magic tricks that are affective in battle using mirrors, sleight of hand and other tricks that borders on the supernatural. He has honed his abilities  to razor sharpness, and to the highest degree.


Black Iron Form Enhancements:


Flying Machine - 'The one used by The Trail Magician Lord Johann looks like a bird with out spread black wings that flap while its in flight. The cockpit in the center has a round glass window. It flies as a speed unimaginable for its stocky form.'

Model of a Biplane


Glowing Spheres

White Rabbit

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