John Elbourne
General information
Also known as

Girl's father






Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Eyes: Dark

Hair: Grey

- Standard suit,
- Hat

Build: Disabled




Unnamed city


Father (Novel counterpart)
Alan Elbourne (Son)
Charlotte Elbourne (Daughter)

First Appearance

VHD: Bloodlust

Hideyuki Kikuchi
"That's enough!... My son is emotional, please excuse him. This has been difficult for all of us. If you knew my daughter, you'd understand. She's kind and beautiful, and her loss is more than this old soul can bear. Now, I need to ask you something: if you find her changed, can you see that her death is without suffering. Be kind to her, please."
John Elbourne[src]

John Elbourne (ジョン=エルバーン) is a character from Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust. He is the father of Alan Elbourne and Charlotte Elbourne, who hired D to rescue his daughter from Meier Link.


John is an older man who is in a wheelchair. He had dark eyes and dark grey hair with a mustache and wears glasses. His attire consists of a white long-sleeve dress shirt with a thin tie, and a waistcoat over it. He also wears a standard brown suit and coat, a long scarf and hat. Like his children, he wears a ring on his right hand.


John, unlike his son Adam, is thoughtful, wise, and understanding of her plight and the way to get the hunter on his side and take the job. Like his son, he proved deeply love and seem that will not be aware that in the fact his daughter is in love with a vampire.

According to Charlotte, her father knew about her feelings, which puts a question why he had not mentioned that during the meeting.


Vampire Hunter D: BloodlustEdit

He appears at the beginning of the movie along with his son, seeking a meeting with D which the hunter shows up for. His beloved daughter is abducted by Baron Meier Link, a vampire nobleman who is known not to harm humans needlessly.

He hires D to find and rescue her, or alternatively, kill her humanely if she's been turned into a vampire. His son offers D $500,000 as a down payment, and offers him $10 million if he carries out the job. D has Elbourne double the payment and agrees to search for Charlotte.

Vampire Hunter D video gameEdit

He is the main voice in the intro seeking to hire D. He explains like the movie the plight and having also hired the Marcus brothers. He doesn't make an appearance in the actual game otherwise.



The Elbourne family seems to be really wealthy, showing that they have people who work for them during a meeting with D. And another fact which goes in favor of this is that they have hired two of the strongest kinds of vampire hunters on Frointer.



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