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John M. Brasselli Pluto VIII
General information
Also known as

Pluto VIII






Weight:Under 160




Over 30



Favorite Drink(s)

Bitter Beer

First Appearance

Tale of the Dead Town

Hideyuki Kikuchi
"That's a good name you got there. Just don't go looking to shorten mine for something a little easier to say. When you call me, I'll thank you kindly to do it by my full name.John M. Brasselli Pluto VIII, okay?"
Pluto VIII[src]

John M. Brasselli Pluto VIII (or simply just Pluto VIII) was a Biker roaming the frontier.


He stands five feet four inches tall, has a beard, and is incrediblly tough. He wears a leather vest and has a machete tucked in his belt.


"But you don't have anything to worry about. My motto is 'Keep an open mind.' It don't matter if the folks around me have red skin or green-I don't discriminate. So long as they don't do wrong by yours truly, that is. Naturally, that includes dhampirs, too."
Pluto VIII to D[src]


John M. Braselli Pluto was a carefree biker who is first encountered by Hunter D when D stumbles upon a broken down camper on the Frontier. As D departs from the Camper John Pluto appears holding a unconscious girl. Shortly after their meeting D, the unconscious girl, and John are saved from sand vipers by a floating city aiding the trio for unapparent reasons and hiring D and John to discover a secret to the sudden appearance of what are thought to be Vampires in the city.

He stays in P9 in the special residential district of the Mobile Town right by the law-enforcement bureau. He intends to sell the chemical and mathematical formula for making Imitation vampires to Mayor Ming. Due to Pluto VIII's stubbornness, the price for this formula goes from fifty million dalas to five hundred billion dalas, which is enough money to support 2.5 million people on the Frontier for one hundred years each.

He betrays D and attempts to kill him but is cut down instead. His body killed in the battle with Pirate Mobile town.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

John posses the ability Molecular Intangibility where he can  leave his body in which he appears as a gas like ghost figure that can move through walls. He also has it's companion ability possession. He is also a master of telepathy. When in combat he summons molecular discs. He can possess people by leaving his body, and he possesses various characters throughout the novel and they appears to be able to wield his strange superhuman powers.



Single-Shot Armor-Peircing Rifle

Magneto Bike

disk blade

Possessed PeopleEdit

Mayor Ming
Imitation vampire(Dumper Griswell)
Sheriff Bailey Hutton
Lori Knight



  • (To D) "So, you've got a trick that can knock a Noble's underling out in in shot? When you've got a little time to kill, I'd love to see how you do that.".[1]
  • (To D) "Didn't I tell you not to look at me all serious like that? Just thinking about that mug of yours gives me a powerful urge to jerk off, you know. At this rate, I'm liable to fall in love with you if you don't watch it.".[2]
  • (To D in Lori's body) "Now that's the way you do it! That's one obstacle out of the way, I guess. I bet in never occurred to him I might slip into the little lady he trusted the most, No hard feelings, bucko. Everything in life just boils down to business."[3]
  • (To D) "There's one thing I have to tell you...I took her body against her wishes. Tried swaying her with offers of telepathy-but she fought me to very end."[4]


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