"You send a killing lust out with every one of those needles. Even if it didn't score a hit, it’d freeze the blood of anyone hiding and almost stop his heart. Not even the most cunning predator could keep from leaping out at something like that. I guess there’s no one here after all."
Left HandMercenary Road|[src]]]

Somewhat an extension of D's powerful aura. Weapons thrown or even shot by him the projectile is imbued and enhanced to do damage to those in the surrounding area and can cause a multitude of dangerous side affects or even kill them without ever directly hitting them.

"Though the D with a longsword in hand had a viciousness that would crumble stone and steel, the aura drifting from the D who stood empty handed was the pure ghastliness of one prepared to battle to the death. One D referred to the other as D, but the other one didn't reply. The speaker’s gorgeous form was pierced by an egregious, overwhelming killing lust.The voice and tone were exactly the same——but somehow entirely different."
―NarratorTwin-Shadowed Knight|[src]]]
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