"How's it going?"-D

"Sad to say,I'm going to puke. Don't be a showoff now!"-Left Hand

"The exit is close..."-D

"What? You can tell?!""

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Thought to be destroyed long ago, King Minos's Labyrinth is where a half man, half bull called the Minotaur, a creature born to the King's consort, was locked away before written history. It was built by the legendary craftsman Daedalus in ancient times, and only the Sacred Ancestor could've reproduced it so faithfully. Not only can the sword Glencalibur cut open a dimension, but it also connects it to what ever place he thinks of. Valcua sends foes here.

No one who has ever ventured into the labyrinth has ever made it back out. It's enclosed by something other than four-dimensional space making it immune to all physical attack or interaction. Not only human beings, but also Nobles or monsters with highly developed senses of direction would find the workings of their semicircular canals thrown into disarray here, until they were left incapable of telling where they were or how they stood. Standing still does no good either abnormalities of the passageways spread before the person like a living creature enclosing itself on them. As the person goes the path changes by the moment new passageways are constantly being formed and incorporated in the labyrinth. That was the secret of Daedalus's design. Valcua can also use the monsters defeated here to relay information of their power, skill, vital, and other information even if blocked from conventional means of gathering it.

Creatures D EncountersEdit

Parasitic Organism

Hallucination Beast

Flesh-Eating Virus

Golden Coffin

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