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Krauhausen is a village rom the book Pale Fallen Angel, in the Western Frontier about 125 miles west of the carriage way station where D and the baron arrange to meet. Behind it towers a chain of mountains thousands of yards high. Due to the presence of Fisher Lagoon's establishment, it's the most prosperous place in the region. This is the only village on the Frontier with a castle occupied by the Nobility where humans still go out and enjoy themselves at night. There's sacred ground on the western edge of the village. There are also ruined warehouses, one of which is home to Chlomo. Also on the edge of town is a vast factory Fisher Lagoon created for the construction of his machines. Since Lagoon's personal peacekeeping forces protect the village, the sheriff seems to exist in name only

Pierce River[]

River that runs from he North to the South in Krauhausen. It runs under Lord Vlad's Castle and intersects the Spear River, which runs from east to west. It's flow is powerful enough to turn the enromous Water Wheel in the milll, and it's said that several people die in it every year. Chlmo the Makeup Lover sets up a booth by the banks of the Pierce further down stream, ignoring Lord Vlad's orders long enough to slaughter a father and daughter that happen along. After throwing his victums into the river, he finds Baron Byron Balazs in the water near a fallen tree putting his make up to use after draging the body back to his abode.

Rivers Inn[]

A hotel in Krauhausen where Byron Balazs tells D to stay.

Holy Ground[]

There is holy ground on the western edge of the village of Krauhausen. In much the same way that there are accursed places they would never dare approach----locations the can only ignore or gaze at in abhorrence. The ruins of ancient religions stand in these places. Apparently something had once existed in those place that was diametrically opposed to the Nobility---something that had been held holy. Almost all of these places have been buried or destroyed by Nobility, to the point where the number of places in the world with anything resembling such ruins can be counted on one hand. In their battle with the Nobility, it was these places that the human race first thought to use, and the protective charms and icons they discovered there through their feverish excavations played such a vital role in getting a peace treaty with the Nobles athat thier true value can never be measured.

Hut For Isolating Victims[]

Hut set up on holy ground by the Black Masks in the village of Krauhausen. Made if synthetic construction materials, it's a ready-made unit. Inside, there's a smaller room for a cartaker furnished with a table, chair, and a simple kitchen, while across from tht is a cell ringed by steel bars. It can easily hold three people. The bars around the cage weigh over five hundred pounds. To guard against the Nobility entering as a fog, it has no windows.

Lubeck Clinic[]

Clinic located in a building that towers in the middle of Krauhausen' pleasure district. The Clinic is run by Mireille Lubedeck. This is where Taki is taken when she's badly wounded.

Fisher Lagoon's[]

A towering mansion at the western extreme of the village of Krauhausen. In terms of scale, it's a far cry from the castle Lord Vlad Balazs has in the center of the town, but on the other hand, it's every bit as opulent. Every night richly colored lams light more than a hundred windows, while everything from the strains of classic instruments like the violin, harp, cello, and oboe to electronic music patterned after that of the Nobility flows serenely from the structure. No expense has been spared in procuring the finest furnishings, food, and drink from the capital--to say nothing of the supple women. The village of Krauhausen maintains the greatest stock of resources in the region, and it is for this reason that it has a constant stream of visitors, not only from neighboring villages, but from far across the Frontier as well. Due to sexual stimulants mixed into their daily meals and aphrodisiacs in the incense that even now fills the air, any woman who spends a week there becomes a slave to carnal cravings that came from with in, smothering the will to escape and leaving them animalistic bitches in heat who did as their master and his clients commanded and pleasured them in any way they desired. And although there were naturally many clients who sought that sort of woman, the calls were even louder virgins pure as the white driven snow.  The penthouse on the roof has a special suite. Nearly sixty feet deep, The pond in the center of the garden is used when bathing beauties put on show for patrons in a subterranean viewing room. There's an airport to the north of Fisher Lagoon's where airships can land and take off. The windows of the mansion are covered with bars even a Noble can't get through. It has an isolation chamber underground. Although it's really a jail for holding captives, its really a jail to hold Taki after she's been bitten by Lord Vlad Balazs. There are a number of special event rooms, such as the "shock bath" and the "jelly-dance room," and the building is constantly under construction to create fresh amusements. New girls are brought in once a week. While Fisher Lagoon's scouts visit neighboring villages and even go all the way to the Capital, many women also come knocking when they hear rumors he's recruiting.

Sacred Ancestor's Protection[]

A code that shelters Fisher Lagoon. When a great vampire laid down the law, it was as follows:

"Firstly, the villagers aren't to be drained of their blood. Secondly, so long as Fisher Lagoon is in charge of the night time amusements, he's to be given free reign."

There are apparently other rules as well, though Fisher Lagoon doesn't elaborate. This is the reason why Lord Vlad doesn't do anything about Lagoon's establishment.

Lagoon's Factory[]

Manufactured all his creations here.

Lord Vlad's Castle[]

The home of Lord Vlad. It stands in the middle of the village of Krauhausen. It's surrounded by double moat with drawbridge and an automated surveillance system, in addition to sentries posted at the main gate. The vast hall has a trapdoor that leads down to cold flowing water. The water connects to the Pierce River, which runs through Krauhausen. Beneath the castle. Rows of black positions a hundred fifty feet long fill the room. Underground, there's a reactor. Vlad's coffin is made of bronze and sits under a canopy at the center of five nested canals in the north end of the castle basement. Although it's underground, there are heavy curtains over the windows, leaving the room perfectly dark. The castle almost certainly has aircraft defenses, with three-dimensional radar  to catch the enemy's approach and lasers, particle-beam cannons, and heavy artillery in hundreds of locations. There are stable to the west. The castle has a chapel. Behind DNA-keyed locks and the strictest security, Lady Cordeliais trapped in a subterranean lake. A bronze boat floats on that lake, but sine the water doesn't move, there's no need to tie it up.

Mountain Stronghold[]

The fortress Lord Vlad has on the slopes of Mount Blade, three miles from his main castle. A stairway with three thousand steps leads up to the main gate. Apelike Mountain Folk armed with hatchets and sickles serve as gaurds outside the strong hold. Though not as spacious as the one he hs in the main castle in Krauhausen, Jean de Carriole has a lab ther. Half of that lab can be propelled outside by a jet engine set in the wall. Belowground is the resting place of the Balazs clan. The holes in the majestically towering walls of stone are filled with a systematicallly arrangement of gorgeously adorned coffins. A number of gates distorted into shapes that are practically impossible in three-dimensional space lea to a graveyard with an especially high ceiling. Atop a waist high dias sits a luxurious coffin the likes of which won't be found even in the places of the Capital: Vlad Balazs grave.

Jean de Carriole's Mansion[]

The home of Jean de Carriole, Baron Balazs's doctor. It's considered a mansion, yet it's gardens are a complete mess. It has a tower that menaces the heavens, on the top floor of which is de Carroile's vast laboratory. The tower has very few windows, but there are arenas jutting out in all directions like countless horns, with fragments dangling from them that could be either cords or netting. Amount the equipment in his lab are a massive centrifuge, a maser-based stabilizer, and a tachyon injector.

Plain of Slaughter[]

The plain that lies between the village of Krauhausen and Mount Blade. Due perhaps to the winds caused by flying creatures, flying across it its impossible. A battle once took place there between Lord Vlad's soldiers and villagers who oppose the lord, plus Nobility from the Western Frontier who backed the villagers. The villagers were defeated, and more than a thousand survivors were captured and buried alive out on the plain. Some say the ground and grass are red due to the blood shed. During that battle, a huge pit that opened in the plain swallowed the Nobles aiding the villagers. Murderous little people a foot and a halt tall also lurk in the grass plain.


Located on Thorton Street, it's the place Lagoon keeps all his creations.