Leticia Belsen
Leticia Belsen
General information





Hair:Waist Length,
Sparkling Blonde
Dress:Pink patch,
blue-flower pattern
Build:Young Beauty






Northern Frontier Sector


Unnamed parents
Mr. Belsen (Adoptive
Mrs. Belsen (Adoptive
Arrow Belsen (Adoptive
brother, Lover)

Powers and Abilities
  • Highly
  • Hi Charm
    and Charisma
First Appearance

Noble V: Greylancer

Hideyuki Kikuchi

Leticia: "I became this way because a neighboring family fled the village to join the Anti-Nobility Alliance. They were captured by the Overlord's men and brought back to the village to be executed. The people who fled were not the only ones to be executed. Their actions wrought the same fate on their families, among them a young man who often looked after me as a child. I clung to him as he was being dragged to the execution ground. That was when the overlord's retainer lashed out with his whip across my eyes. I've lived in darkness ever since."

Lord Greylancer:"A hard fate. The Noble that took your sight will suffer a death a hundred times more cruel than that of your friend. Who was the Overseer that robbed you of your sight?"

Leticia:"It was Lord Greylancer."

―Noble V: Greylancer

Leticia Belsen (レティーシア) is a blind human girl who hails from the Western Frontier Sector. She and her adoptive brother Arrow live with their adoptive family there. She meets Greylancer in the aftermath of his successful attack and destruction of the OSB Moon Base.


Her blonde hair hanging down to her waist, sparkled in the wind. Although her pink dress with a blue-flower pattern was patched and washed-out, it suited her as if she could wear nothing else. She may have been sixteen or fifteen years old. Her pale skin, with nary a trace of color from the summer sun, was a fitting complement to her lovely features, which did not appear at all provincial. But it was not her beauty that made Greylancer's eyes narrow into slivers. With her right hand gripping a stick, the girl was looking nervously right and left, her eyes closed.


Her family was poor but loving who had to make the hardest decision of giving her up for adoption, not have money to take care of her. Her mother taught her that fate is the messenger of both happiness and misfortune. When she was five a neighboring family ran off to escape the village of her biological family to join the Anti-Nobility Alliance but were captured and brought back to the village to be executed. A man that had taken care of her was among them, she on instinct as a child ran to him and clung to his leg. The Overlord's retainer lashed out with a whip slashing her across her eyes blinding her. She has all the hate in the world for the one who took her sight.

But she holds no grudge for the Nobility, or the Overlord because he did not order such an attack on her. Lord Greylancer is horrified to hear of the tale and is captivated by her beauty, her honesty, and highly developed sense of morality. When he asks who was the overseer in charge she says it was him not knowing who he is as he had not yet revealed who he was with her at this point. Lord Greylancer was left all but crippled himself after being cut in half surviving the Dimensional Shot which landed him back on earth, laying in a field for what felt like 8 seconds when in fact he had been there a day or two, not only cut in half but much of his blood drained from him leaving most of his body paralyzed.

The two talk and become quite close having deep philosophical conversation. Leticia was out visiting the plain to enjoy the surroundings waiting for her brother to pick her up. She reveals to Greylancer that he is her lover, having no biological family ties, they plan to go off together and get married, she invites him to come to their wedding. As they are talking they are attacked by a ghost spider. Leticia is narrowly saved by Arrow. He later reveals to her who he is, and says at one point should she run away to the North her and Arrow, whose skill he is also impressed by, may find a home since it is Arrow's dream to serve a Noble.

The Troubadour's SongEdit

Lord Greylancer coming to adore Leticia is unable to reveal his true identity to her out of guilt. She mistakes him for traveling troubadour and beckons him to sing a song for her. Greylancer can't help but comply and humor the lovely girl.

The song he sings:

When first you entered with a shadow and began to dance

I could not see the controlling strings

Dance, will you

Dance, will you

Cut the strings of fate into the night and dance

And make Fate fall in step with me

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Highly developed senses other than Sight

Hi Charm and Charisma


Walking Stick

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