Ligatem is a mining community in the southern Frontier. As in most mining villages, the drone of gantry cranes, jackhammers, and backhoes in operation was an irreplaceable part of the environment. With a chain of mountains for a backdrop. Like any other village it has a main street that runs through it, where various buildings for hotels, shops, eating establishments, bars, the hospital, law enforcement office, etc. all reside. Off one street leads to the "Bird Man" shop who has a sign outside saying Pigeons, Bugs, Butterflies, and more for messaging. The store has an unusually large front yard signifying it being abundantly prosperous. There is a saloon on the main street that seems to be well known through out the region that houses a bar, whorehouse, gambling and other entertainment. The hotel where D and Annette Krishken stay at is of top quality. 

This is where Pikk lives now mainly but may have been banned from returning.

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