"You intended to take the thing's electrical shocks without any protection? Even a Noble couldn't withstand that. It'll make a corpse of you and suck you up!"
Baron Alpulup MaculaRecord of the Blood Battle|[src]]]

The term lightning sucker was used to refer to something that lurked in the sky. No one had ever seen one, and it was known only by its savage manner of killing and eating. First, darkness would spread across the sky, electrical shocks would flash, and then a colossal tube would suck up all the living creatures on the ground. The creature first blanketed the ground with electrical shocks to exterminate the living creatures, then sucked them up with its enormous tube. As it did so, any creature that still drew breath was ignored. How it told the living from the dead was a mystery, when it sucked everything up with such force it carved great craters in the death.

In Record of the Blood Battle D and the group encounter one. Apparently Baron Macula had created this one and it has long since evolved further making it many times more dangerous than normal. When it was first made the Baron had it so it would transport humans back to his castle. Now it may hurl them into space, and disgard them into another dimension.  D's Nobility Blanket protects the group from the monster's attacks. While D is sucked up and later escapes to destroy the creature.

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