Lord Danae
General information



Height: ?

Weight: ?

Eyes: Red (Vampire
Nature Active)

Hair: Blonde

Clothes:-Crimson Cape

Build: ?




8000 years


Frontier Sector


Vampire Lord


Duchess Mizuki Dandorian

Powers and Abilities

First Appearance

Undead Island

Hideyuki Kikuchi
"“I remember you. You’re Lord Danae, aren’t you? Do you remember me?” d’Argent asked, his voice quaking with rage. The tremors echoed from a ghastly past. The Noble’s thin lips twisted. He’d smiled. “If you only knew what this bastard did to us—I didn’t say anything about that earlier. It was so terrible, I didn’t want to think about it. But if you’re gonna try and stop me, I’ll tell you all about it. It’ll keep you up at night!”"

D'ArgentUndead Island|[src]]]

Lord Danae is a vassal of the Dandorian Family.  

Meg and D'Argent finds a bloodied Lord Danae from a battle with D. She grants him some of her blood so that he could recover from the wounds inflicted by D. Lord Danae is therefor in her debt, and pays of his debt to her by guiding her to the castle. He's a very honourble person as exampled by his word on his debt, even to the point of betraying his employers, The Dandorian family. He is killed in a battle with Duke Daios Dandorian.  

He is killed by D during battle. 

He makes her appearance in Undead Island.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

A Noble in a crimson cape, donning black boots for footwear. He is a Blond-haired noble with thin lips on his pale face.

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Master of the light-spear eyes: As soon as Danae’s eyes got a reddish cast, two beams of light pierce opponents. The beams’ hundred million degrees of temperature could stave off even the regenerative powers of a Noble’s indestructible cells for quite some time.The beams are deflectable by such weapons as blades as D proved.
  • Inhabits a rather unique physiology. His heart is far to the right instead of in the center. Therefor is not killed when stabbed at where a heart is supposed to be
  • A well-attended nail pressing into the former teacher’s flesh. The nail had been sharpened like a blade. It would no doubt open d’Argent’s throat with a single swipe. Even gravely wounded, the Nobleman possessed monstrous strength
  • I sealed him away in a space that didn’t exist. No one, not even a Noble among Nobles, had ever escaped it. 
  • Physical Stats of a Greater Noble

Equipment[edit | edit source]

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