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The home of Lord Vlad. It stands in the middle of the village of Krauhausen. It's surrounded by double moat with

Lord Vlad showdown with D

drawbridge and an automated surveillance system, in addition to sentries posted at the main gate. The vast hall has a trapdoor that leads down to cold flowing water. The water connects to the Pierce River, which runs through Krauhausen. Beneath the castle. Rows of black positions a hundred fifty feet long fill the room. Underground, there's a reactor. Vlad's coffin is made of bronze and sits under a canopy at the center of five nested canals in the north end of the castle basement. Although it's underground, there are heavy curtains over the windows, leaving the room perfectly dark. The castle almost certainly has aircraft defenses, with three-dimensional radar  to catch the enemy's approach and lasers, particle-beam cannons, and heavy artillery in hundreds of locations. There are stable to the west. The castle has a chapel. Behind DNA-keyed locks and the strictest security, Lady Cordelia is trapped in a subterranean lake. A bronze boat floats on that lake, but since the water doesn't move, there's no need to tie it up.