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Luke Dalton
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Sheriff Dalton








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First Appearance

Vampire Hunter D
Volume 1
VHD: 1985 OVA

Hideyuki Kikuchi
"I need you to understand something, Doris. I've got a job to uphold as sheriff in this here village. And checking out your neck is part of it. I don't want things getting out of hand. If it's nothing, then one peek will do. Take your scarf off and let Doc have a look.""
―Luke Dalton[src]

Sheriff Luke Dalton was in charge of local law enforcement at Ransylva. He makes his appearance in Vampire Hunter D.


Described as a man under thirty, who was dressed in a sheriff's uniform. He has a strong authoritative presence that can easily cow a mob. He seems to be of average height for a lawman possibly around 6 feet tall weighing over 200 pounds, with an athletic build. He carries a standard gun powered weapon and holster with a sheriff's badge pinned to his chest.


"Under the following conditions. I'll take the word of a damn-good Hunter and hold off on any further discussion. But let me make one thing crystal clear—I don't want to have to stake you folks through the heart. I don't want to, but if that time should come, I won't give it a second thought."
―Luke Dalton to D and Lang children[src]

Dalton is a sincere and capable sheriff who was someone Doris was willing to trust. He is an honorable, strict and deadly sheriff who cares greatly for the safety of Ransylva citizens and has intimidated expression of a man sworn to uphold the law.

""Greco:"Well, put a badge on you and you get pretty damn tough you give me any more back talk, check out the bitch's neck. After all, that's what we're paying you for, isn't it?"."
Luke Dalton:"What'd you say, boy? The sheriff's eyes had a look that could kill.
Vampire Hunter D

He also takes his work extremely seriously, as he became easily enraged with Greco's behavior during arrival at Lang Farm. He also seems to be tough and fearless, as he did not hesitate to shout at Greco despite him being the son of the mayor.





  • (To D) "You're a Hunter, aren't you? I see it in your eyes, the way you carry yourself. I seem to recall hearing there was a man of unbelievable skill traveling across the Frontier, and that his name was D. They say his sword is faster than a laser beam or some such thing.Only, they say that man's a Hunter, and he specializes in vampires. And that he's a dhampir himself.".[1]
  • (To his deputies) "I'm looking forward to the day I can enjoy the juice of those Gargantua-breed grapes o yours . All right, you dirty dogs, mount up and make it snappy! And I'm warning you, any of you so much as make a peep about this back in town, I'll throw you in the electric pokey, mark my words".[1]