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Baron Mayerling
General information





Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

- Red (Vampire Nature

Hair: Unknown

- All black arrangements,
- Purple cape

Build: Athletic




Western Frontier Sector


Lord of the Western Frontier


Sacred Ancestor (Vampire
House of Mayerling
Meier Link (Movie

Powers and Abilities

First Appearance

Demon Deathchase
Volume 3

Hideyuki Kikuchi
"No matter where we might be, the Hunters would come. Your fellow humans won’t be happy until they’ve destroyed everything. You’re nothing like them, of course. There’s nowhere on earth we can relax now. A long trip out into the depths of space...."

Baron Mayerling ('男爵'マエルリク) is a Greater Noble, who like all those in House of Mayerling, oversee the Western Frontier Sector. He was accused of kidnapping a young girl from the village of Vishnu. It was later revealed that he and the girl were in love, and the Baron went to great lengths to protect her. He turned to the village of the Barbarois, to gain their arcane protection services in order to procure a way to safe passage off the planet away from its growing prejudice. He makes his appearance in Demon Deathchase.


He's described as tall and handsome, wearing all black arrangements with a purple cape. Comparable to others in his family line, his face has youthfully attractive etched features. With a smile, curved red lips form a display of his fangs that gleam in the moonlight. His visage may also be comparable to that of a lion, similar to that of Vlijmen Mayerling.


Similarly to all those in his family, he maintains a strong Noble Warrior personality, feared and respected all throughout the Nobility. He is very compassionate, and views humans as equals, unlike most others in the Nobility. His family is infamously known to be sympathizers for humans, seeing to their comfort and well being beyond what most would even stomach within the organization.

While his predecessors enjoyed this compassion returned in full, having shared a mutual trust with humans in his sector, he seems to have fallen out of favor with them as humans revolted and have taken the Capital. His influence and power seems all but forgotten. He has a jewel-like elegance and beauty.


Perhaps the one young man out of all the Nobility to have been praised for his virtue among his subjects. In subsequent stories we find out this is a common case though through out the House of Mayerling. True to his lineage, the Baron doesn't consider humans to be inferior. Crossing all lines of race and station, he loves the girl from the village of Vishnu. When he bit the girl's father, it was the first time he'd ever bitten a human out of rage. Together, he and the girl make a desperate dash for the Claybourne States and a rocket that will take them away from this prejudiced world. When danger is near, his normal finger nails become murderous steel implements. By looking at the night sky, he seems to be able to divine how many Hunters are pursuing him.

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Hideyuki Kikuchi's Vampire Hunter D Vol. 3


Powers and Abilities

Greater Noble Powers- Mayerling is a fearsome Greater Noble. Similiar to those of this stature he is able to operate in the daylight, resisting the norms caused in their physiology. Though he must stay out of direct sunlight, he seems very resistant to the pain and damage of the sunlight. He is highly skilled, calculating, and strategic in battle. As all those in his family line, he has the ability to transmute his hand into a highly durable organic metal that can extend to lengths unknown at a speed that seems instant. There are very few even in the Greater Nobility who could hope to best him in battle once this weapon is unsheathed.

Mayerling's Claw- A seemingly unassuming hand on the Greater Nobles of the House of Mayerling become steel claws with extended range, speed and accuracy. Mayerling's whole hand and normal finger nails become these implements. He can extend them to an unknown length.

Kiss of Nobility


Ten-Thousand-Dala-Coin- Barbarois Elder says he and the others have been paid ten of these coins presumably by Mayerling to transport him and his lover where they want to go. The Greater Nobility have a near unlimited wealth.

Flares- Mayer uses these to signal the Barbarois.

Molecular Vibro—Bombs- Mayerling has a pair of these black cylinders from a box beside the driver’s seat in his carriage complete with timers. The molecular particles within them were subjected to powerful ultra-high speed vibrations, and they could destroy cohesive energy to reduce any substance to a fine dust. Grabbing the molecular vibro—bomb’s switch with his teeth, he gave it a twist. They weren’t exactly a weapon befitting the Nobility. Just as he is about to let this weapon loose on D he is hit with a blast sent by Borgoff Marcus.


Mayerling's Carriage



  • (To himself) "I won't let them have her. I won't let anyone take her away.".[1]
  • (To Caroline and Mashira) "Our goal is near. We will arrive at our destination a few days later, in the evening. The perfect departure time...".[2]
  • (To Borgoff Marcus) "I have no words of greeting for a stray dog out prowling for human flesh and blood. However, I have no desire for needless conflict. If you put your tail between your legs and scamper off, I won't do anything to you.".[1]
  • (To Daughter) "It's okay. We're fine the way we are. If you should wither and die first, I shall follow after you.".[1]
  • (To Daughter) "Shall we go then? Though the pathway to the stars is barred to us, we may yet journey across the earth.".[1]