"Well, here’s your new horse. Not a cyborg horse, but a completely automated mecha horse. No different in speed or performance from your average racehorse, but a thousand times easier to handle! What's more, you just need to gas her up once a month, and no feed bills. Only needs maintenance once every ten years, too. All for the incredibly low price of a thousand dalas."
Granny GerheitThrong of Heretics|[src]]]

A common specialty transportation technology available on the Frontier. Its fully compact into a metal cylinder a foot and a half in diameter and about three feet long. Near the top of the cylinder and pushing the button within a single motor-like sound came from within the cylinder. A moment later legs that were folded inside appeared, forming joints as they straightened out, while the front of the cylinder rose at an angle. Apparently that was the head. On its back is a seat.

Granny Gerheit has this available for sale from her for one thousand dalas. D says its highway robbery saying he has seen the same horse in the village of Calva for five thousand. With this Annette Krishken who was buying the horse for Pikk enter into a bidding war until Hiki interrupts buying it for seven hundred and fifty dalas.

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