"He can do anything you can do...."
Left HandDark Road|[src]]]

The ability to copy the sounds or abilities of other beings.

Left Hand has the ability to copy abilities he comes across along with mimic the sounds and voices of individuals which he combines with his Ventriloquism.

D and Lord Rocambole have shown the ability to copy abilities they come across of others.

"Oh, that dirty dog stole your trick — it looks like he can mimic anyone’s abilities in a split second"
Left HandDark Road|[src]]]

D however can negate the ability to mimic in others:

Seeing D return his sword to its sheath, Lord Rocambole grew tense. However, no matter what kind of swordplay the Hunter might try, the lord’s ability would allow him to duplicate it. Self- confidence put a smile on his lips.

D kicked o ff the ground. Silently, easily— and powerfully. Rocambole did the same.

A third time they would clash— but just before they did, D doubled over. Feeling coldness from the blade that slipped so naturally from the Hunter’s sheath, Rocambole deflected it with a gleaming stroke from his longsword.

D made a great twist to the right. His chest was fully exposed. Rocambole’s body was right in the path of the Hunter’s blade.
Rocambole heard a voice somewhere shout, Don’t!

A second before he was impaled, D twisted his body a little more to the right, and Rocambole froze with the realization that he’d missed the vital spot, while above the lord’s head the sword he’d batted away, which had barely remained in D’s grasp, now came straight down in a blow that was like someone splitting firewood— ripping through him from the top of his head down to his crotch in a single motion.

Not even D himself knew what effect his unpredictable attack was going to have, so Lord Rocambole hadn’t been able to use his ability to duplicate it.
As Rocambole split in two, suit of armor and all, D fell again to one knee beside him.

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