Home of the mountain bandits. A natural cave, surrounded by rocky crags on all sides, that's been widened on the inside. Marks from blasting and chemical melting still mar the rock face in many places. At the far end of the passage is an almost perfectly circular clearing that's easily six hundred feet in diameter. No one can see their hideout except from the sky, and the bandits can use another natural passage in the southern portion of the mountain to get back to the road. One of the bandits was flying around with a glider pack when he discovered the location. Five huts and a warehouse, all constructed from expandable building materials, form their domain. When the bandits target the carriages carrying Baron Byron Balazs and Miska Drake they use their weather controller to create a downpour that washes the vehicles into the river. They Catch their prey again in a net and haul them up with a powerful winch.

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