A village in the Northern Frontier famous for its making of Vampire Hunter D's favorite drink known as Salsa Booze. It is also the village that seems to be the closest residential area closest to the domain and may be considered the domain in the past of the Devil Duke Gilzen. The village is of standard size numbering in the thousands of those inhabiting it. There is a particular drinking establishment that sells salsa booze that attracts people from all over setting up many kinds of veteran drinking contests. It is considered a place out in the sticks away from all known major cities. The people seem to feel they need to leave to go to somewhere else like the Capital like most out of the way areas to make a better life. Others settle into the area because it is out of the way.

The status of the village is unknown as it was evacuated when the Northern Frontier Airborne Division arrive having detected the return of Gilzen's Castle on White Devil Mountain, and nuke the area which they said would completely level the village.

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