Vampire Hunter D Wiki

Two boomerang type weapons, used by Baron Byron Balazs. It's true form cannot be seen by naked eyes due it's sheer speed, leaving only bands of light or flashes of light when mowing through enemies. With the power speed and control the weapon had, it can protect the Baron against attacks from all three hundred sixty degrees. Byron can control this weapon to cut all the targets he desired with high percision, making this weapon seem more like a flying blade. Also the young Baron could increase the weapon's intensity to stop the targets regenerative power. It is also implied the weapon is linked through Byron's current power. One example of this is when Byron tried to cut Vlad Balazs in his castle, at first, it failed miserably. However, when Byron had awakened the Bestowed Power From Sacred Ancestor in his body, the Murderous Flashes manage to make a clean cut in Vlad and The Guide fused body with no trouble at all.