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Update July 9, 2019![]


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The work on the comic is coming to a completion of the series according to the latest update from VHD the Series own Scott McLean and Kurt Rauer. A surprise addition is that we will be getting a redone Message from Mars number one comic from work by Ryan Benjamin which is shown in the picture. There are only some last bits left in tying things up such as notes, edits, and revisions, particularly any feedback from Hideyuki Kikuchi.

The full update is here:

Long before Ryan started work on Message from Mars, he and Underworld scribe Kevin Grevioux we're working on their original series, Brother's Bond, which they published via Webtoons. Their Eisner nominated series is now getting a collected print edition and the campaign launched today on Kickstarter.

You can check it out here -

Ryan is closing in on finishing the art for the Vampire Hunter D: Message from Mars series. We still have to leave time for notes, edits, and revisions, particularly any feedback from Kikuchi-san, but we're closing in on being ready to print. Over the coming weeks, we'll be posting more art previews, likely starting after San Diego Comic-Con(which is next week).

We also want to make sure everyone is aware that Ryan has redone issue 1, so that the collected edition will seamlessly flow together.

Feburary 22 2018![]


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The comic is officially moving forward with veteran artists Ryan Benjamin and Richard Friend! They will be replacing Micheal Broussard in the main artist capacity. Its said Micheal Broussard is having some family illness to take care of. Well wishes, thoughts, and prayers go out to him and his family.

You can view some stunning preview art by them on the Vampire Hunter D: Message from Mars page! You can also check out the article here:

The pilot for Vampire hunter D the series is being put together and worked on written by Brandon Easton and may soon be released! The Pilot is based on and adapted from the Mysterious Journey to the North Sea!!! Now remember this is ONLY the pilot! Whether or not the series actually begins here is still unknown!

July 9 2016![]


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Vampire Hunter D is now a comic officially! NUFF SAID!(yes Stan Lee Will be making an Appearance...^_^)

Oh! AMERICAN COMIC that is....for all the precise and punctual people...

June 30th 2016[]

VHD the series has some new updates and announcements:



So it begins...

This article or section contains information about scheduled or expected future product(s).
It is likely to contain information of a speculative nature and the content may change dramatically as the product release approaches and more information becomes available.

Concept art piece by Christopher Shy

Vampire Hunter D: Message from Mars Announced!

Vampire Hunter D: Message from Mars, also known as Vampire Hunter D: Message from Cecil is a comic book adaptation of "Message from Cecile", an unpublished Hideyuki Kikuchi's short story never before released in english. This story was only published for a fan event in Japan and will make it's English debut in this comic book series published by Stranger Comics. Pre-orders/pledges of this comic book via kickstarter will be a drive and means to get alot of great brand new VHD merchandise! See update below!

UPDATE! So its been months since we heard news down the line about a 3D print out of left hand being developed and now we have more information on how to get it. As part of kickstarter(An online pledging system used to fund and start creative projects, and a means to take preorders) pledging at certain levels allows you to get merchandise and other thank you merchandise sent to you....including this 3D print out of Left Hand pictured on the page!!

Left Hand 3d print out.png

Now there are other things like stickers, art pieces, signed copies of the books and other pieces, t shirts, even D's Blue Pendant! The blue pendant will only have a limited number given out AND they will be numbered! Each level of pledging has cool names like Frontier Drifter, Sheriff, Frontier Defense Force, Vampire Hunter, Werewolf Hunter, and there is even a level set for the Sacred Ancestor. These pledges also have the ability to give your likeness or that of a close family member to be featured as a human in the background! There is even one to have your likeness featured as a Noble killed by D! All of this has never before been done to my knowledge in ANY series and all brought to us fans by the creators! Check out the link below for more official information!

March 9th 2016[]

Vhd the series updated some news for us:


We've added some new artists to the team and are continuing to working away on character concept art. Our modelers have been working on the Left Hand and we're hoping to be able to have a 3D printed version of him done in the next month or two. We probably won't make very many, but we're thinking we'll give away at least one to some lucky fan. While it's still too early to share any of the concept art(yes, we're saving all of it to share later so you can see all the different ideas we go through), we're hoping to have a set of artwork ready to publicly show in the next few months, so we'll just have to see where the design process takes us.

Thank you all for your patience and we're looking forward to when we can show you all the stuff we've been losing sleep over.

Its not known yet when or how some one will get it. Will update when we get more info!

November 23, 2015[]



While he has attended several conventions in the US before, this will be Amano’s first time attending Anime Expo.


July 3, 2015[]

Vampire Hunter D: Resurrection Announced! Vampire Hunter D: Resurrection, also referred to as Vampire Hunter D: The Series is an up coming CG animated series based on Hideyuki Kikuchi's novels.


Jun 2, 2015[]

North American anime distributor Discotek Media stated on its Facebook page on Monday that its upcoming DVD and Blu-ray release of the Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust film will only contain the original English audio, and will not contain the Japanese dub.

Discotek stated that it was required not to include the Japanese dub by the film's Japanese licensor. Discotek stated that the Japanese licensor "will not allow the Japanese language to be released anywhere but Japan." The film was originally dubbed in English in its initial theatrical release in North America in 2000, and only released in Japan later with a Japanese dub in 2001.