A portable refuge made by the Nobility. Its a seven-hundred-foot refuge with at least 11 rooms that contains a fully loaded living quarters, completely with tables, chairs, sofas, running water, electricity, heat, etc. It is completely impervious to the outside elemental surroundings. It is sold to the general public by Merchants Specializing in Nobility products. They many times sell it with medical supplies fully stocked at no extra charge. Sometimes they ask for extra for them. The whole thing folds and unfolds with one switch or button. It collapses into something the size that it could be kept up some ones sleeve or in their pocket.

When The Gilzen Commission climbs Shilla Mountain Lilia pulls this out where they take refuge inside. Lourié comes down with pneumonia needing medical aid, Lilia says the merchant asking for extra for medical supplies was way too much money for her.....although later on when she needs aid she seems to believe there are some supplies to help her.

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