A form of virtual reality used only by the Nobility. The Nobility’s virtual reality technology could create original scenes or duplicate sights they'd actually seen.

Count Langlan uses this technology and incorporates it into his Genetic Code Reading Machine. It uses this to display the Sacred Ancestor's Characters.

Desciption of UseEdit

The scenery changed. It was evening in a valley. The rivers flow reflected the color of the dusky sky, and by its banks lights glowed in alone log cabin. The smoke from a cooking supper rose from its chimney. Watching in silence, Gianne suddenly pulled away from the wall and turned toward the house. Without hesitating, she stepped into the river, waded across undiscouraged by its rapid flow, and approached the log cabin. D heard a number of people laughing. Gianne halted at the front door; then, after a moment or two, she went over to a window and peered in. Light spilled out. Her expression was peaceful. Someone began singing to the accompaniment of a strummed tune. A young woman. “Nice pipes,” the hoarse voice said. “She’s even got the darkness bewitched. I wouldn’t mind spending the rest of my life in this godforsaken Valley if it meant I could listen to that.”

In D's field of View Gianne had remained motionless for quite some time, but she quietly backed away from the window and returned to him. “Make you homesick?” the voice from his left hand teased. “Such a big family,” Gianne replied, going back to her original position by the wall. In a little while, dry lips that never saw lipstick slowly began to hum a melody. “That’s the same song,” the hoarse voice said. Just then, the scene changed three times. No sooner had the room returned to its original state than the count's voice announced, "I shall shall begin now. If you would be so good as to step inside.”

D walked over to Iriya without a pause.

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