"During a demonstration match in the fighting arts, your grace took up bow and halberd with her pale and delicate hands, exhibiting such skill we were left no choice but to battle in complete earnestness, and even then we could get nowhere near you."
Baron GildeaUndead Island|[src]]]

A fighting art developed and used by the Nobility. Apparently this style is used by Noble Warriors possibly used in their training to be certified as a Noble Warrior. They seem to have matches that pit participants against each other where they are rated in an unknown system. It is not limited to just hand to hand but also use of weapons, and there seems to even be specialties in certain weapons that can also be developed once a certain skill level is reached. They may also be trained in military training such as attack formations, strategic battle scenarios, battle command, etc.

Duchess Mizuki Dandorian is said to be one of the top skilled fighters in use of this art.

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