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Human/Cyborg(2000 OVA)


Older then 23


Vampire Hunter


Father/John Elbourne
Alan Elbourne


Borgoff Marcus (Brother)
Groveck Marcus (Brother)
Kyle Marcus (Brother)
Leila Marcus (Sister)

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Demon Deathchase
Volume 3
VHD: Bloodlust

Hideyuki Kikuchi
"You son of a bitch! So I guess you ain't no ordinary dhampir, are you? You know...I've thrown down with your kind before. And this is what I did then. When a part of a dhampir gets wet, it kind gets all stiff, don't it? Die you bastard!"
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Nolt Marcus (に先だって・マーカス) is a member of the Marcus Clan and the second oldest brother of the siblings.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

He has thread thin blue eyes and a powerful back. He uses a hexagonal staff with sharp protrusions on both ends that are veritable stakes. In the movie he is the tallest brother instead of the second tallest brother. He also seems to have cyborg or cybernetic enhancements giving him added muscle mass along with his genetic modifications by his parents. He's a giant of a man in both the novel and the movie but he is far more muscular in the movie.

Personality[edit | edit source]

He is a giant of a man and is every bit intimidating personality wise as he is physically. He is very loyal to his family. He works well with them as expected from a seasoned veteran hunter. In the novel he doesn't have much interaction with Leila but in a flash back he seems to be very abusive to her and rapes her regularly. He lays claim to her believing that she belong to him and the rest of the group to do as he pleases.

In the movie, he is much more thoughtful and kind. He is jovial and personable with his brothers and seems to have the same affinity toward Leila. While he is still very imposing he leaves his guard down with the group and not intimidating to them. He is the first to recognize and discern Bengé's power and weakness and knows how to transmit this to the group even as he is dying from his wounds.

Biography[edit | edit source]

He is one of the Marcus clan and one of the most notorious and highly skilled vampire hunters on the Frontier. Traveling with his family they encounter D while destroying monsters attacking them on the frontier. He is described to have assaulted Leila Marcus in the past but does not have a chance to during the events described in the story. He is ordered by Borgoff Marcus to go after D after he blasts him with his Sky Blast attack which has him end up in the river. While in the river he manipulates the water to attack him so he can get in close enough to kill him, as he believes water will weaken D. It does not, and Nolt is cut down by D. Later D informs Leila that he cut him down, and she comes to understand that was reasonable as he was coming at him. The rest of the clan find out a bit later but take to hating D that much more for killing him whereby much of their admiration they once held for him becomes murderous intent.

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

"What kind of strength did this ungodly display demand?

Actually, the man with the hexagonal staff had his right arm stock still up around the shoulder. To all appearances, his right hand from the wrist down didn’t quiver or move, and the staff seemed to spin of its own accord, giving the impression of smashing the villagers all by itself.."


All his physical abilities such as strength, speed, stamina, balance, senses etc. have been enhanced through genetic manipulation by his parents. In the movie he is further enhanced by cybernetic enhancements which would give him an extended life span or continued life as long as his parts are replaced and his existing essential human organs like his brain or heart are not damaged. In the novel he has the ability to manipulate water and may be empowered by it by adding to his power with it.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Hexagonal Staff- The hexagonal staff he uses has sharp protrusions on both ends that are veritable stakes. The wooden staff has a steel core that, despite its thinness, could still deflect a high intensity laser beam with no damage to it. Normally his weapon is spun and used to bludgeon his opponents.The arc his weapon painted with the speed of light was a full circle. The staff then can grow to twice its length while spinning it. It can plow through diamond hard rock like it was clay.


Communication Ear Piece

Cybernetic Enhancements

Other Media Adaptations[edit | edit source]

Movie and Novel Differences[edit | edit source]

He is much more cheerful and honorable in the Movie than the Novel. He is just as close to his brothers as he is in the film though. His combat ability is a bit higher in the Novel, having stated he swings at or beyond light speed and having more variety of  powers and abilities to use with water manipulation but his time in the story is very short in both versions. He is much taller and physically imposing than the novel in the movie. His end comes at the hand of D instead of Bengé like the movie.

Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust[edit | edit source]


Vampire Hunter D video game[edit | edit source]

He makes an appearance in the Video game in a cameo. He is later shown killed.

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Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • (To Borgoff Marcus) "Sun’ll be setting soon. The safest bet would be to blow this place as soon as possible, big guy.".[1]
  • (To D) "If you don’t come out, we’re coming in, but from the way that old man was talking to you, I’m guessing we’ve gotta be in the same line of work. Hell, it seems you’re even more dependable than we are. If that’s the case, we don’t wanna do nothing stupid.".[1]
  • (To D) "Look, buddy, you might be one of the Hunters that geezer called, but so are we. Sure, we might’ve been in the wrong flying off and taking a poke at you like that, but there’s no harm in us all introducing ourselves. We’re the Marcus clan—I’m Nolt, the second oldest of the boys.”".[1]

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