I sealed him away in a space that didn’t exist. No one, not even a Noble among Nobles, had ever escaped it. However, Duchess Mizuki didn't believe it. She said that D of all people wouldn’t be slain by the likes of me. We got aboard the light-shielder and headed for the spot where I had contained him. And there we learned that he had escaped. You can’t comprehend how miraculous that is. But as we hastened back to the castle, we encountered him. Though Duchess Mizuki made good her escape, I was defeated by him and left to let death slowly creep over me.Lord Danae

As the name implies this is a space where nothing exists. No light, or energy, not a spec of dirt. No mathematical construct can exist here. Anything swallowed by something that doesn’t exist also ceases to exist.

Yoputz has the power to replace his body with nothingness. Nothing can sense him in this state.

Lord Danae is able to trap D in an enclosed space with nothingness where anything should cease to exist. It has no affect on D and he escapes this enclosed space despite it being impossible.

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