An outlaw are those known to have done crimes that are actively or passively still sought out by Law Enforcement, and other officials. While many end up on their own and avoid capture by hiding their identities or sticking mainly to remote areas, others joined forces and started their own groups. A fact of life on the Frontier, outlaw groups had been described as a terror that stained the lives of peace-seeking villagers with vermillion fear. Each faction had its own character. Though there were some groups that merely plundered and would never kill, many others would mercilously slaughter all save the women. The women would be sold to slave traders, and taken to distant lands, where most of them were purchased by brothels. that was still better than some situations; at least they survived. About 70 percent of the outlaws who plagued the Frontier were heartless scum---demons that liked nothing better than to annihilate entire villages. Law-encforcement organizations formed patrols with considerable numbers of men and stationed peacekeeping forces at strategic points on the Frontier, but their efforts simply weren't concerted enough and their numbers were too few for a region so vast. Day after day, merciless fiends slipped through their fingers like water through a sieve, mocking the patrols and running rampant.

While most outlaws were human there are others such as Pseudo Vampires. If you were to ask even a two year old what they feared most, in more cases than not this brutally efficient gang would be the answer, and their dark, violent acts were beyond numbering. One such gang most feared is the Black Death Gang.

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