"The rest were men who, even as they beheld this scene like a paean to the life-giving powers of sun and water, had a lingering and ill-suited air of blood and murderous thoughts about them. Any Frontier resident over the age of three could immediately tell what they were. Bounty hunters."
NarratorUndead Island|[src]]]

Upon hearing the news of the disappearing villagers from the nearby village, the sheriff of Piercenun ordered his remaining deputy to go around town and talk to all the roughest customers, he had signs put up guaranteeing a flat wage of ten thousand dalas, and he ran the emergency siren before sending out messenger pigeons with the same information to be disseminated to every town and village within a day’s ride. That night nearly a hundred confident souls had called on his office, but on hearing the details they turned right around, one after another, until only four remained the following morning.


Retrieve the villagers from Undead Island.


With the exception of Cowboy, all members are turned into servants of the Nobility



Sherrif of Piercenun

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