The plain that lies between the village of Krauhausen and Mount Blade. Due perhaps to the winds caused by flying creatures, flying across it its impossible. A battle once took place there between Lord Vlad's soldiers and villagers who oppose the lord, plus Nobility from the Western Frontier who backed the villagers. The villagers were defeated, and more than a thousand survivors were captured and buried alive out on the plain. Some say the ground and grass are red due to the blood shed. During that battle, a huge pit that opened in the plain swallowed the Nobles aiding the villagers. Murderous little people a foot and a halt tall also lurk in the grass plain.

Plains RatsEdit

Ten-foot-long, pack-forming rodents that inhabit the plains spreading before the village of Krauhausen. They join such creatures as burrowing pythons, three-headed boars, and giant black catepillars in a wild stampede----until the ground breaks and an earthwyrm devours them all!

Flying CreaturesEdit

Creatures sent after D on the Plain of Slaughter. Since they leave the mountain strong hold three miles  away and reach him in less than ten seconds, the must fly at speeds of more than one thousand miles perhour. Diving toward their prey the pull out suddenly, and the bumps that cover their bodies channel the air back into shock waves tht hit the ground with fifty tons of force. Their shock waves can knock giant rock with a three hundred foot wing span out of the sky, sending it to the ground with bones shattered in more than a thousand places. From the wy the creatures show fear and amusement, ther seem to have emotions. In addition to their wings, they possess four libs with three-foot-long talons. Presumably Jean de Carriole created them.

Flying BeastsEdit

Creatures with scales attached to the wings of collapsible gliders that make it simple to corret for the force and speed of the wind.

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