An evil spirit possesses Witch's corpse before Doris Lang even touches it. When Doris ties it on the back of her horse, it has the eys and fangs of a demon, and its claws reach for Doris's throat. Rei-Ginsei uses his shrike-blades to decapitate his former companion, then splits open the still-mobile head, saving Doris from the possessed corpse for his own ends. 

At the Pixie-Breeding Facility in Tepes , some members of the group who plan to interrogate Cuore are possessed by pixies. Bodies of the possessed cast caterpillar-like shadows with wiry, thin arms and legs. In this condition, they can throw nonexistent but still deadly shadow weapons. 

One of the special powers used by John M. Brasselli Pluto VIII . Sort of a companion ability to his power of molecular intangibility, the power allows him to slip inside people instead of merely passing through objects. This very useful power lets him access the person's memories and borrow their body, but when he inhabits the corpse of an imitation vampire , its mind tries to overthrow his unsuccessfully.

Sigma possesses a similar ability to Pluto. It can dematerialize it's self into people which also accompanies him possessing them. D was able to resist this ability with sheer will power alone, something before now that was thought impossible.

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