"The treachery revealed here today is regretable. However, the reality before us remains. There is but one path for us to walk."-- Sacred Ancestor

"Sacred Ancestor. Whence have you come? And whence will you go?""

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The highest governing body in the Vampire rule. It is based in the Capital.

Council Structure[edit | edit source]

There are two main bodies. The Sub-Council, and the Main Council. To be appointed in the Sub-Council is a difficult undertaking even for those of high birth, vast wealth, and strong political pull. It is considered a great honor to be appointed, and is the logical step before making it to the main body. There are 10 members.

The main body consists of night robed members, many of which are considered the highest of Nobility by reputation. But it is a facade in many cases as many of them have become too accustomed to their power and lend more to corruption and cowardice. They use their political pull to avoid fighting wars they are more than happy to send and appoint others positions of responsibility to fight. The current council has also become bold in pursuit of expanding their power beyond what the Sacred Ancestor intended. This is due mainly to his disappearance leaving the Ultimate Mind in place to deliberate and guide the council. In big decisions beyond their understanding it is consulted and the word of it is law. Like the Sub-Council there are 10 members not counting the High Chancellor, Chancellor, and Vice-Chancellor.

Absolute Managerial Rights[edit | edit source]

Because there are many situations and happenings beyond the imaginings of the Capital the Overlords have been given absolute rule. As long as their blood tithes are honored the Privy Council Ministry has little to do with the active governing on the frontier. The Sacred Ancestor put this law in place to give the council a balance of power, and a means to keep them in check.

Sacred Ancestor[edit | edit source]

The absolute ruler and High Cancellor of the council. It seems he founded it and built the Nobility in general around this governing body. His eddicts are followed through with out question and to the letter. When he left, by 7000AD he had been gone from sight for over 6000 years. Leaving the Ultimate Mind in place.

Corruption and Dissolving[edit | edit source]

Due to multiple plots and corruption the council was dissolved and all its members executed by the Sacred Ancestor's decree. Another governing body is put in place possiblly the House of Peers .

Named Members:[edit | edit source]

High Chancellor----Sacred Ancestor




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