Also known as a Pseudo-Noble, is a term used to describe people who'd been bitten by Vampires but hadn't become true monsters---due either to some whim of the Noble or its destruction before the change was complete---leaving these victims stranded between life and death. Although such people were generally disposed of, either by their village's leadership or by its mobs, a few managed to escape, though fewer still were the ones who were spared the typical curse of the pseudo vampire---madness and an abhorrence of daylight. Though nothing compared to a genuine Noble, they still possessed monstrous strength equal to that of ten men and a fairly indestructible nature, able to live with out food or drink as long as they had blood for sustenance. What's more, these fiends could move about in the midday sun like human beings , something even most dhampirs couldn't do. A Pseudo Vampire can make more of his kind as well on a whim. The resulting turned gain power nearly on the level as the one who turned them but not quite enough to take them one on one. They gain instant heightened senses, and physical attributes in all areas. They become instant marksmen even if they never used or had no such acuity for the use of guns before hand. They are looked down upon by true Vampires in general and have no hope of becoming Nobility unless the whim of a Noble decides to complete the transformation. And even then they would never be as regarded as Pureblood Noble.

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