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Those who are of pure blood were born vampire, with a Vampire Mother and Vampire Father through intercourse, not turned. In the Nobility purebloods are much more respected than turned vampires. Having a respected family lineage is of great importance to gain political, financial, and positional prestige.  Depending on who turned the vampire may make a difference but most of the time it doesn't. Even those turned vampire usually become servants of those of pureblood.


"We Nobles aren't a new race that suddenly came into being ten thousand years ago. Our origins go back far earlier to the time of Earth's Creation, making our kind ancient in comparison to the human race."
GilzenWhite Devil Mountain|[src]]]

The Sacred Ancestor is the oldest known pure blood vampire. He seems to be the progenitor of the vampire race. His exact origin isn't known. What is known he is the oldest and most powerful of the Nobility with all vampires referring to him as the progenitor of the race. Gilzen in White Devil Mountain reveals that vampires aren't just simply spawns of or originate as humans, they actually predate human kind and their race is actually many times more ancient than the human race although their need to feed on human blood makes this questionable. Vampires are not the only race said to be more ancient than the human race. The Rancor Ancient Race is another, and Aliens seem to predate them as well.

The Sacred Ancestor being the oldest known vampire and seemingly the vampire progenitor indicates he predates humanity, and has origins that could not only be thousands of years in the passing but may be millions of years in the past. There is also the fact the Sacred Ancestor has created the Big Bang Accelerator, and uses Akashic Record. This could indicate far older origins as well possibly predating this reality.

"There was something that ignited the anger of any Noble when even the worst insults failed: to call the source of their race a bastard."
―NarratorMercenary Road|[src]]]