Ransylva is a rural farming community near the tenth sector of the Frontier. Ransylva has most likely gotten its name from Transylvania.


On the way to the village, it is comprised the far reaches of the plain with strong wind on barren sky. The narrow road that cut through a sea of grass, high enough to hide all below the person’s ankles. The road rose a bit some sixty feet ahead. Once they’d surmounted the rise they would be able to survey the rows of houses and greenbelts of farmland that comprised the village. In the village center is a fountain, somewhere in the vicinity is the Black Lagoon and Pandora's Hotel.


  • Mayor Rohman
  • Greco
  • Dr. Ferringo
  • Sheriff Dalton
  • Doris Lang
  • Dan Lang
  • Lucy
  • Lucy's grandfather
  • Traveling Weapons Dealer
  • Unnamed nurse
  • Unnamed Deputys

Governing BodyEdit


  • Greco (mayor's son)
  • Luke Dalton (the local sheriff)
  • Mr. Lang (werewolf hunter, father of Doris and Dan)
  • Doris Lang (farmer, Dan's older sister)
  • Dan Lang (farmer, Doris's younger brother)
  • Lucy (victim of Count Magnus Lee)
  • Morris (farmer, Lucy's grandfather)
  • Lucy's late parents (mentioned)
  • Traveling Weapons Dealer
  • O'Reilly (Greco's right-hand man)
  • Old Man Whatley (proprietor of a local store)
  • Fu Lanchu (miller)
  • Kim Lanchu (Fu's wife, victim of Count Lee)
  • Machen (huntsman)
  • Machen's spouse (victim of Count Lee)
  • Harker Lane (mentioned)
  • Unnamed nurse
  • Unnamed Deputys


The Devil's QuarryEdit

This spot was less than a mile and a quarter from Count Lee's castle. It is the mysterious scenery stretching out in the morning light. The air was dank. In this part of the endless expanse of prairie, there were countless statues standing like stone forests, or laying on the ground and looking to the heavens. No two had the same face or form, and there wasn't a single statue that didn't have the aspect of any bizarre monstrosity. A sculpture of a bald headed man with incredibly large eyes, a bust of a creature with dozens of arms baring its fangs, a full-length statue with thousands of beastly brides each individually carved—all these pieces of incomparably detailed craftsmanship were covered with moss, as were the remnants of stone walls and columns that called to mind the ruins of some ancient citadel. Together, they seemed to form a completely alien dimension. People said this was the place where the Nobility had once held their ceremonies, or a quarry used in the construction of the castle, but the latter theory was easily dismissed. After all, there wasn't any stone in this whole region to be quarried. At any rate, this was a forbidden area, and no one from the village ever entered.

Lang FarmEdit

Mayor Rohman's ranchEdit

The HospitalEdit

Whatley's storeEdit

Black LagoonEdit

Pandora's HotelEdit


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