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A weapons crafting village in the Southern Frontier.


The life blood of the village is the weapons they craft here. Buyers come from all over the Frontier. To keep anything from happening to the goods, they're all stored in a single location. And the Weapons Master is the one in charge of them. Villagers or merchants promptly sold most of the innumerable weapons manufactured in the village, but the village warehouse held some extremely advanced weapons and items so dangerous their sale was prohibited. It would be impossible to list all of the villages that had been slyly infiltrated or even openly attacked  by thieves or bandits who learned of such bounty.

On such occasions, the villages Weapon's Master would arm himself or herself with the most potent munitions in storage and bring the fight to them. The weapons master only emerged once all the warriors had been slain. The warrior Greed Grew up here. And Eris the current weapons master was adopted and raised in the village. The village is heavily fortified and warriors patrol the village armed not only with the best of technology in hand but there are many who wear High grade top of the line Combat Suits.

Appearance and Reputation[]

The village is surrounded in a high wall, with a large gate at both ends are the only means for coming and going in the village. There are towers with a look out to stay vigilant of attacks. There are multiple factories, and store houses for the material that will be made into weapons, vehicles,  and items etc.  They also have top grade helicopters(and other aerial vehicles and tanks(and other land vehicles) ready for action. They are considered the best armed village in the southern frontier, and bandits won't even dare to attack the place.

Secret Weapons Warehouse of Razin[]

A secret location in the Village or Razin known only to the Mayor and The Weapons Master of Razin . It stands on the northern outskirts of the village, and the rock beneath it had a natural cavern large enough to fit an entire factory. It contains a single steel bed where the weapon's master sleeps. The space around it was filled with lockers and racks full of weapons and ammunition. Scattered about were various tooling machines. The warehouse aboveground was just camouflage, and here underground was the real storage facility, as well as a factor for weapon production and repair.