King Egbert

King Egbert warping reality in his kingdom.

The ability to draw upon an infinite or near infinite amount of energy to form and shape reality to what ever one desires.

King Egbert first exhibited this ability with in his kingdom.

Sigma also exhibited this ability.

Lord Valcua, D, and Valcua Two exhibited this ability with the Akashic Record, it being the highest form of reality warping in the series.

 D has either acquired new time/ space powers in the latest novels, or has just now been given a chance to use them. D can destroy wormholes with his sword, and create dimensional rifts with a cut, while in space and his lungs bursting from lack of oxygen. He can cut through the very fount of life, as well as the essence of death itself, as proven in his fight against the Guardians from aboveand the Wraith KnightsThe Dark Road reveals D has the ability to mimic/learn the special abilities of others using them more efficiently and other ways not thought of by the original. These reality warping powers stem from the fact that D is unbound by fate/probability. In Tyrant's Stars, he was able to override the Akashic Records. Composed of ether,  it contains the means to read/change the past, present, and future of the entire universe. Basically, D can warp reality around himself and his sword. D can't be erased from history, as he is immune to the Akashic Records, and thus immune to reality warper's powers.

It is assumed that the Sacred Ancestor was using the Akashic Record in the Dark Road when manipulating the Statue of himself and revealing Rosaria's name on the tablet and many other feats, possibly, but he may be able to warp reality with out its use similar to Sigma as well.

The Elder God shows the highest level of reality warping using the Akashic Record where he created a space that absorbed the entire universe. D was thrown into the Milky Way, and Left Hand was able to absorb and negate it.

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