The Current Governing body based in the Capital. The government has been in power over 100 years now, having removed the Vampires from power that were based there possibly during the cleansing wars. The Sacred Ancestor allowed the humans to take control and placed many edicts in areas that protect them, along with putting down multiple plots to gain power back from them or wipe them out. While it is true the governing has been left up to the humans, the Sacred Ancestor still holds the most power in the world and could put the Nobility back in power if he desired any time he wishes. Not much is known or information given on the wars that were fought against the Nobility but there are still many areas where Nobles still remain a power in the land. However the power left is in decline and slowly being wiped out. Many humans have gone their whole life with out ever having seen a vampire Noble or not.

The government has expanded having many extensions of itself and provides many services besides laws and order. They provide food for the villages, new technologies are developed through their organizations, and medical supplies are sent out. The Government also has it's own army which protects the power in the Capital and seem to slowly be spreading out to other areas that were derelict and vacated trying to build society back up in these areas.

Revolutionary GovernmentEdit

The Governing Body based in the Capital that consists of::

Revolutionary Army

Frontier Defense Force

Elected Officials

Supreme Court of the Frontier

Grand Jury

Circuit Court

Capital Frontier Patrol

Ministry of Police

Noble Research Foundation

Bureau of Geography

Frontier Center for Calculations

Frontier Commerce and Industry Guild

Frontier Commerce and Industry Guild's Transport Party

Capital's Tobacco Monopoly

Frontier News

Capital Exam Board

Capital University

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