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Roland the Duke of Xenon
General information
Also known as

Duke of Xenon








Over 6,000


Southern Frontier Sector


Soldier of the
Capital's Army(formerly)


Sacred Ancestor (Vampire
Alice (Wife)
Lady Ann (Daughter)

Revived By

Sacred Ancestor

Powers and Abilities
First Appearance

Dark Road

Hideyuki Kikuchi

Roland, Duke of Xenon is one of the seven invitees: Greater Nobles summoned by General Gaskell. He is the father of Lady Ann.


He appears to be thirty-four or thirty-five years old, but his actual age is in excess of three thousand. His lack of refinement is made clear by his sagging belly and his demeanor toward the General. Made impervious to sunlight  by the general, he sunbathes in his underwear.


His womanizing ways extended to a woman who was a favorite of the Sacred Ancestor, and as punishment he was stripped of his title and sealed in a coffin for two thousand years, his brain set to remain conscious the whole time. He was deadlocked against Gaskell as a soldier for the Capital during the "G Revolt", and neither the duke nor the general know why he's working for Gaskell now. Although he destroyed his wife, he loves Lady Ann very much. So much to a fault. Because she resembles her mother so strongly he has violated her.

Gaskell uses this to manipulate him throughout. He is sent out by him after threatening to send out his daughter. Failing in his assault on D, he is forced to retreat. On hearing Dr. Gretchen was sent out he said if any harm comes to his daughter, he and all his clan would be turned against Gaskell, at which point he hastens to send Memeht out to have her cease and desist any further action which would most likely end in putting Lady Ann in harms way. He also fails to stop her. After repeated failures in going out again against the hunter General Gaskell decides to offer their lives to Lord Rocambole in order to kill D.

Roland the Duke of Xenon impales

Powers and Abilities[]

Physical stats of a Greater Noble

High Combat Ability- like all of Gaskell's "Invitees they are a group of the most vicious and great warriors in Noble history

Supersonic speed- was described running at mach 3 and without so much as making a sound jumping off light tree branches.

Travel underground- able to dig and tunnel himself underground at tremendous speeds.

Self Repairing Units- can repair any wound dealt upon his combat exoskeleton.




combat exoskeleton - super dense dupronium steel that while not as mobile and elegant as the android of The Grand Duke Mehmet, it is still very formidable.

multiple spears- Can summon fifteen-foot-long spears made of ions and suspended molecules. Once it materializes, a spear has five thousand times the strength of dupronium steel. He can make his spears appear and disappear at will., can summon multiple spears at once and have them materialize inside his opponent.