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"At my age, I wouldn’t ask anyone to step into the jaws of death just out of the goodness of their heart. I’ll offer compensation. The princess has put that tattoo pretty deep on the girl. In trying to get the same result as biting her without doing it the old-fashioned way, she’s drained a lot of the life from her victim. Seeing how sharp the tattoo is should be proof enough of that. I could try to get rid of it, but the girl would just wind up an invalid. Of course, she’d be a Noble invalid, but even l’ve never seen anything like that before."
Mama KipschThe Rose Princess|[src]]]

Rose Princess is able to transform humans into vampires in various states like Kiss of Nobility in person biting them would through a variety of rose related affects, including making it rain roses sticking a wide area of humans with it, putting a rose tatoo mark on the body and various other means.

Mama Kipsch as a witch doctor knows various means to remove and counter act it's affects. One of which is using a Prismatic Rose which only grows in the Temple made in a God's Image.