"Since you've taken all the trouble to come up here, would you join me for a cup of tea?"
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Dianne Rose Princess Readers Guide Face shot

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Diane Rose Princess's Holographic form failing to be cut by D 001

Diane Rose Princess's Holographic form failing to be cut by D

Diane Rose
General information
Also known as

The Rose Princess









Eyes:Clear, Red

Hair:Golden, long


Build:Young, curvy




Over 4,000


Northern Frontier Sector


Lord of Northern Frontier


Sacred Ancestor
(Vampire Progenitor)

Vampire Mother(unknown)

Vampire Father(unknown)

Powers and Abilities
First Appearance

The Rose Princess

Hideyuki Kikuchi

The Rose Princes is a Greater Noble most known for having four knights that serve and deliver her edicts. Makes her appearance in The Rose Princess


A member of the Northern Frontier Nobility who is ruler of the village of Sacri and served by the Four Knights of the Diane Rose. "Princess" appears to be her nick name. She clashes with D. However, the real story breaks down into the battle between the Rose Princess and Elena, and that between D and the four Knights.


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Elena vs Dianne with D and the knights looking on in Reader's Guide

Moonlight rained down on the woman, melting down on the woman, melting into her white dress when it struck the shoulders, the bust, the skirt. For an instant, each spot glistened like a collection of tiny jewels, but this sight couldn't be enjoyed for more than a heartbeat before ripples spread across the surface of the dress and the gleam faded away. Her brow and eyes, nose and lips----each beautiful part had been so delicately arranged they would leave any poet incapable of ever setting his pen down again. With her crystal-clear eyes trained, the young lady held a rose to her mouth. Her lips were so red that it seemed they'd stain the petals. The moon light gave a pearly luster to the lips of the woman---although given her youthful visage, it would've been more accurate to call her a girl.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Teleportation- She is able to teleport herself and others.

Rose Kiss of Nobility

Holographic form- can project her body into an image of herself from another location.

Razor-Sharp Wire

Command over animals and other creatures

Master Genetic ManipulationShe most likely created or modified all the knight under her command. Gave the black knight new and more powerful arms when he lost them.


High Level Sorceress

Master Technician Probably taught and can use all the technology the Knights used which were all high level Greater Noble Tech

Physical Stats of a Greater Noble


Castle Guards

Guardians from above

Wraith Knights

Death essence


The Four Knights of the Diane RoseEdit

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