"Let's go have a drink!"--Left Hand

"Resist the urge...."---D

"No can do! Let me drink some of that salsa booze. I could down twenty or thirty gallons of the stuff. I'll take on all comers! I'll pay ten thousand dalas to any man that can out drink me. Lose, and you won't owe me any money. But the offer's only open to men with wives, or those with daughters over seventeen!--Left Hand *said to make it seem like D is saying it*

"I'll take you up on that!"---Random Person

"Me too!"---Random Person

"No I'm FIRST!"--Random Person

"Okay friend step into the Saloon. We're glad to have you. Kinda husky voice you got there...but you've got nerve...and I like that! The village graveyard has a corner where they bury everyone who drinks themselves to death!"

BartenderWhite Devil Mountain Part 1-2|[src]]]

The favorite drink of D and Left Hand it seems. He seems to get a good urge for the stuff from time to time. It's a kind of alcohol that was said to be ten times as potent as Absinthe. It is served in a glass usually, but on occasion of a drinking contest it will be served in a mug.

D true to word has a drinking contest out drinking a saloon full of veteran drinkers. All except Baska who empties the rest in the bar with D in their contest going through 5 kegs in 20 minutes time.

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