A Greater Noble, he is Baron Shuma's Uncle working directly under the Sacred Ancestor.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Baron Shuma's Uncle had super-convert training at the Sacred Ancestor's place and supervised the development of weapons. He was responsible for wiping out the human religious relics hidden behind a waterfall near the village of Krakow. The Nobleman was a bit of a prankster, and even as he worked under the Sacred Ancestor, he developed a weapon to destroy him. But being timid, he was frightened by his creation and hid it in the very same place where he'd wiped out the human religious relics. This hiding place was supposed to be guarded by the same biological weapons that'd been used to melt the ruins.

Efferis[edit | edit source]

The region that's said to prodeuce the best Blood wine. The wine seems to be a favorite of the Nobility, and when Baron Shuma's Uncle built a weapon to destroy the Sacred Ancestor, the fact that the great vampire couldn't go with out wine from Efferis gave the assassin the perfect place to conceal that weapon. Naturally, Baron Schuma knows the place he chose.

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