A section of space that has been sealed off, so that who ever's inside can keep traveling forever but always remain in the same spot. While it can be broken from the outside, there's never been a case of anyone breaking out from inside. When D breaks out of the sealed dimension, it causes a variety of incidents across time and space. In 1945, five Avenger torpedo bombers disappear in the Bermuda Triangle. In 1872, the crew of the ocean liner Marie Celeste vanish while sailing the Atlantic bound for Genoa, Italy. In 1888, Jack the Ripper disappears from the East End slums of foggy London. In 1901, Anne Moberly and Eleanor Jourdan both  run into Marie Antoinette during a visit to the Palace of Versailles in Paris. In 3046, an alpha-class black hole suddenly disappears an instant after swallowing Pluto. In 4018, human  artist Veron Berry witnesses a certain Noble attacking a beautiful woman in her bedroom in London, then goes on to paint what is hailed as the greatest portrait of the Sacred Ancestor. The moral of the story is: "Friends don't let friends break out of seal dimensions....." Reader's Guide

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