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"They might not seem any different than us, but that’s no reason to underestimate a human who’s lived with the Nobility a long time, The Nobility took a liking to him. Such being the case, it’d only be natural to want to reward him for his long and loyal service. In is case, that might’ve been by not feeding on him. But what if the reward was magic powers? What if he could pass right through the wall and escape if we took our eyes off him for a minute? We've had reports from the northern Frontier of cases where someone turned into mist or bats, just like the legends. Even if it wasn't something as big as all that, even you must know what happens to people when they look into a Noble's eyes. There are more cases than you could shake a stick at of people like that turning their own parents over to the Nobility so they could feed."
Sheriff Louise KirkBedeviled Stagecoach|[src]]]

Those who have willingly chosen to serve another in a variety of ways and are compensated for.

Yona and Frazetta are examples.

There are also servants of the Nobility which refer to those who have been bitten and may be in the various states afforded by the Kiss of Nobility. Whether they are Cesare, or true vampires, it is up to the Noble in question that bit them usually if they serve them of their own free will or against it.

There is also a state of the Kiss of Nobility left unnamed given the generic name of just a servant. This state was very similar to human where they bare no marks.In a manner of speaking, the servants of the Nobility who were found from time to time could be more trouble to deal with than victims who’d been bitten. Their appearance didn't differ at all from that of regular people, nor did their daily routine. They could walk around in the light of day or cross running water without any difficulty. While they ate, they washed their meals down with water. After a year or two of this, even those who had suspicions about them would grow complacent. And the next thing anyone knew, they were using the magic powers their masters had granted them to lead people's wives and daughters off to their employers.

While there were almost no recorded accounts of these magic powers, from the compiled eyewitness accounts they seemed to be a sort of powerful gaze—hypnotism, which was probably the easiest power for the Nobility to grant. In the southern Frontier, when one of these “servants” was found, there were cases of them having both eyes burned out without a moments discussion, though in many cases it was said the accused was killed before they could say a word in their own defense. Only a special request to law officials made from the Capital would keep this from happening. In this case special sunglasses that guard against hypnotism were worn by those guarding them.