The seven first rate Vampire hunters Lord Vlad hires to assassinate his only son Baron Byron Balazs.None of them would  ever volunteer to work with anyone else but are coerced to reconsider that.


They spend alot of time plotting against each other, and no one makes any progress toward the end goal. They draw straws to decide who will go out in what order at first individually. Being completely out matched convinces them to do more of a team effort. But as you would expect from a group with such low moral fiber in the end it doesn't work out and to their best effort their plotting and planning against each other end with no one getting what they wanted at the end.....Accept maybe shadow.


It was a month before the events of the story that this elite group received a certain mini disk describing the work they would be expected to take on. Each were told they were to assassinate a certain Noble who was on his way to Krauhausen. On arrival of the miniature disk they were to receive remuneration for their trip to a certain ruin where they are all to meet and work with to achieve this goal. The assassins all got word that he was to meet with D, and decided that they should try to take him before that happened. The compensation for making the trip as more than they make in a year and the promised prize was even more valuable upon completion.

Hired Assasins include:

One assassin was not reached until the very day of the first meeting.....being difficult to reach. It seemed he was going to take on the assignment and the others were told to be aware that despite this he should still be out there working for the goal. He never makes an appearance in the story and may have been the only one to receive a desirable outcome having been paid in advance.

Rogue AssassinEdit


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