The power to take on the shape and form of other beings and objects. There have been many shape shifters through out the series, the most prominent are the OSB who are an alien race all with the power to take the form and identity of other beings. As powerful as they are they don't appear to be anywhere near the league of the First unnamed assassin of The Sacred Ancestor's Army. The OSB use the power of Metamorphosis which needs contact with the intended target in order to shape shift into them. The assissin in the Sacred Ancestor's army appears to only need to have seen the intended target. The assassin also has the ability to take on and use weapons it desires or even to morph into multiple separate beings at once. The strength, speed, enderance, durability, agility and other physical attributes greatly differ it seems as well between the race of OSB to the assassin, where as the assassin shows to have Ultimate Noble Powers, the OSB only seem to be more powerful than human but not quite as strong as those with Vampire Powers.

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