D searching the Shelter for a Door in Blood Lust

Secure resting stops built through out the Frontier sectors during the Nobility's decline. The one about thirty miles north of the village of

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Vishnu is a gleaming rectangular block of jet black steel, over ten feet high and wide, and about thirty feet long. Though the special steel plating is only a fraction of an inch thick, it can withstand a small nuclear device, A super atomic furnace sends out energy into the metal itself that makes it impossible to destroy the walls without destroying the furnace itself. The shelter also has radar, Laser Cannons. and a vast array of other defensive mechanisms. But its greatest defense is its apparent lack of a door. It is equipped with a Sterilizing light for those allowed to enter which rids the body of all dangerous germs that might be taken in, to protect the human servants that accompany the Nobles. It has all kinds of finery not only to take care of the Nobles but their servants as well.

D encounters one in Demon Deathchase where his Blue Pendant disables it's auto defenses, but does not do anything about its lack of a door. D is able to find a small crack less than a micron with some mystical manipulation of the sword is able to manipulate space allowing it to fit in that crack where he was about to open the structure up, but he is interrupted by Leila Marcus who through some persuasion get D to leave the area, but unknown to her his presence was the only thing keeping the defenses from activating. With him gone it reactivate and she through skill and the amazing design of her Battle Car is able to barely make a retreat after trying to take it on through force. Shrapnel from the battle pierces her body where D is forced to treat her wounds or let her die. His first aid kit how ever has long since expired since he himself never used it before and is forced to do some makeshift treatments using a heated Caltrop to cauterize the wound.

Mayer like the movie depicts later leaves the shelter when night comes where he escapes after D hesitates with the killing stroke after his lover calls out to him and they escape for the moment.

D encounters another special type of shelter called the Dark Abode in Twin-Shadowed Knight.

"Relax, kid,It's just a sterilizing light. The Nobility might be immortal, but when their human servants were with ’em, they couldn’t have ’em tracking in dangerous germs from outside. See, the Nobles did show some consideration for humans."
Left HandIriya the Berserker|[src]]]

D, Iriya, and Meeker encounter one in Iriya the Berserker. It's another Dark Abode, similar to the one in Twin-Shadowed Knight.

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