VHD WDM D discovers plane wreckage

Finding the Plane crash on Shilla Mountain

"Given our location, that'd have to be Mount Shilla, wouldn't it? Fuck! I'm not doing any damned emergency landing. I'd rather cut my heart out right now than try to survive up on that mountain. Altitude: thirty thousand feet--damn it, we've dropped too much. Gotta pull it back up soon."
GeesonWhite Devil Mountain|[src]]]

One of the mountains in the mountain range that can be seen from the village of Mungs in the Northern Frontier. Its a little less than twenty-five hundred yards removed from the village. The mountain is next to White Devil Mountain(Location) and stands over thirty thousand feet reaching 3,657 yards above sea level. It is one of the snowiest and coldest known regions on the Frontier. The mountain is guarded by all sorts of supernatural beasts in service to Duke Gilzen. The Mountain Folk are one such creature and have been turned by Gilzen and may still inhabit the area ravaging it at will despite him no loner being present after the events of White Devil Mountain.

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