A group of travelers who are traveling from the Airport in the Eastern Frontier to the Capital. All the passengers are
Water Way Fortress of the Elder God

D and the group are attacked in the Water Way

pretty questionable. The reason for this is later on revealed as most if not all the group have been influenced by the Elder God picked to take this particular flight at this particular time. They crash land with the pilot suddenly dies of a heart attack by dubious means later on reveled to be Toto's doing. They appear in Fortress of the Elder God.



Hideyuki Kikuchi points out in the post script: "On rereading this book, I thought to myself, “This is Grand Hotel!” That film spawned a whole genre of movies where individuals from all walks of life assemble in a single place. Jan, Maria, the Stows, Bierce, Weizmann—all of these people are forced to examine their lives as they travel with D."

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